Stanley Pontlarge

Stanley Pontlarge, drawing by Nicholas Hirst

Roltís parents bought this 14th century hall house at Stanley Pontlarge, near Winchcombe in Gloucestershire, in 1921.

He later wrote of the house:

"It gave me a strange sense of satisfaction to follow with my fingers the chamfer of an oak beam or the concave curve of a stone mullion and to think of the men who had fashioned them with adze and chisel at least five centuries ago".
From Landscape with Machines, Tom Rolt's autobiography.

In 1954 Tom came with Sonia and first son Richard to live here, building a small cottage in the orchard for his mother to live in. This secluded and peaceful cottage is now available all the year round for holiday rentals.

From 1954 until his death in 1974, Tom Rolt made Stanley Pontlarge his home. He is buried in the churchyard at Stanley Pontlarge.

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